Jack Nightingale

Stephen Leather introduced the character of Jack Nightingale in his book Nightfall. Nightingale is forced to leave his job as an armed police officer and becomes a private detective in London. A few weeks before his thirty-third birthday Nightingale discovers that he was adopted at birth. His real father turns out to be a Satanist who sold Jack’s soul at birth. And on Jack’s thirty-third birthday a demon from hell is coming to collect Jack’s soul.

Nightingale doesn’t believe in Heaven and Hell but as people around him start to die horribly, he realises that there is true evil in the world and he has to fight to regain his immortal soul.

In Midnight Jack discovers that he has a sister and that her soul has also been promised to a demon. It’s up to Jack to save her.

In Nightmare, Jack finds himself revisiting the case that resulted in him leaving the police – the suicide of a young girl. The girl wants Jack to help her, but can he?