Mega Book Roundup (December 2014)

There has been a good bit of action in the action, adventure and thriller world over the last couple of months. But with almost 100 authors on this site and with it being Christmas and all, you are guaranteed to find something new to excite you and keep you busy during the holiday season!

This roundup, or washup or whatever you would like to call it covers what is new with Nelson Demille, Alex Berenson, Stephen Leather, Jeffery Deaver, Lincoln Child with Douglas Preston, Brett Battles,Catherin Coulter with J.T. Ellison, James Patterson, John Grisham and Vince Flynn (yes I know that Vince has sadly died, but rejoice that Mitch Rapp continues under the penmanship of Kyle Mills).

So go on, dive right in to see what your favourite heros have been up to!