Hey there, I love action, adventure and thriller books and seeming you are here, I know you do too! Did I already say that on the home page? Well it is true!

It is quite simple really …

I have built this site to help you discover new authors, series and books all in the action, adventure and thriller genres.  You might also learn a thing or two about your favourites along the way.

My aim

  • For you to benefit from the decades of reading I have done, life’s too short to read bad books, right?, and to create a community of like-minded action, adventure and thriller tragics like me!
  • To give you solid recommendations for other authors and books you may like to read
  • To keep you interested and surprised

100s of hours have gone into getting this site up and running with over 90 Authors and over 1000 books hand picked by me for you.

But that is not to say that everything is perfect or that there isn’t room for improvement.  That’s where you come in!

Together we will make this site better. With much more on the horizon –you’ve got to start somewhere, right? I mean, this site will grow and evolve and, while I have some surprises up my sleeve, even I don’t know where things may lead, particularly   if you join me on the journey and help shape the future.  Hmmmm, too over the top?

Please contact me with any suggestions.