Book cover of Summon the Demon

Summon the Demon

Book Number 3 in the Takers Series.

Set in Charleston, South Carolina, where voodoo is still a powerful force in the lives of the locals, Josh Culhane and Mary Frances Mulrooney must stop a voodoo-inspired plot to set off a nuclear attack by an out-of-control submarine.

The resulting blast would destroy the whole southern half of the East Coast, and with the help of a killer hurricane, maybe the whole world.

Then M. F. Mulrooney is kidnapped by the voodoo bad priest to be presented as a gift to Asmodeus, the Prince of Evil, and it’s up to Josh to rescue her, stop the sub and save the world.

With zombies, good and bad voodoo priests and a couple of local bad guys trying to find Blackbeard’s treasure thrown in for good measure, there’s enough action to keep you turning pages right up to the final incredible ending.

First Published: 2001

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