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Marcus Sakey

Marcus was born in Flint, Michigan. Loving parents still together, forty-plus and counting.

His brother Matt is a respected video game columnist and owner of the website Tap Repeatedly.

Marcus attended the University of Michigan, two majors, both promptly ignored. Collected single terms at grad schools in several states. Ten years in advertising and marketing gave him the perfect experience to write about thieves and killers.

To research his books, he shadowed homicide detectives, toured the morgue, went shooting with Special Forces soldiers, rode with gang cops, and learned to pick a deadbolt.

His novels have earned wide critical acclaim, been chosen for numerous Year’s Best lists, and sold to Hollywood. He finds it all intensely flattering and more than a little wonderful, because it allows him to keep doing what he loves.

Marcus is the writer and host of HIDDEN CITY, on the Travel Channel. Every episode he visits a different place and looks at the stories that shape it. Along the way he gets pepper sprayed, attacked by a dog, train with SWAT, dive for treasure, land a plane and meet dozens of truly fascinating people.

Marcus lives in Chicago with his wife  and daughter.

He loves traveling, especially if there’s a chance of hurting himself. He is a wicked good cook and never miss the Golden Gloves. He likes bourbon neat, food so spicy the guy sitting next to him catches fire, and the occasional cigar. He has watched Firefly more times than he is comfortable to admit.

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