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Jerry Ahern

Jerry Ahern, born Jerome Morrell Aheern , had a voice that could carry across a football field.  He was well spoken and loved to take charge which was a trait that served him well in high school, college, the Reserve Officer Training Corps as well as at public speaking engagements throughout his life.  He would stand at the podium, look straight ahead and wait either until we had quieted down on our own or he suggested in his inimitable way, that it might be a good thing to do.  Then he would read the announcements in a clear, loud voice.  Trivial announcements became high drama.

Jerry was president of Detonics USA from 2006 to 2007.

Jerry is perhaps most well known for his post apocalyptic Survivalist series featuring John Thomas Rourke but he also collaborated with his wife Sharon, most notably the Takers series.

Being a firearms expert, he also wrote on this topic.

In his latter years Ahern became a non-fiction writer for Michael Banes’s website.

Jerry died of cancer on July 24 2012.

Lived: 1946 - 2012

Alias: Axel Kilgore

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Permission to speak freely soldier, let me know what you think!