Book Cover of Spiking the Girl

Spiking the Girl

Book Number 3 in the Gemma Lincoln Series.

In the third Gemma Lincoln novel, Gemma is involved investigating the disappearance of two girls from exclusive private school, Netherleigh Park Ladies’ College. The girls ran a webcam site where they rated the males who left messages on their message board. Principal Beatrice de Berigny appears to be protecting one of the male teachers and when the missing girls are linked to a hardcore pornography site, Gemma suspects the principal knows a great deal more than she is letting on. At the same time, Gemma is working for a woman who alleges that her estranged husband is breaking into her house at night, and even getting into bed with her. Gemma’s investigations reveal that the woman’s husband has been dead for a long time, so what’s really going on?

Detective Sergeant Angie McDonald, Gemma’s best friend, is crazy in love with country colleague, Trevor, and this is blinding her to several important issues about the man of her dreams. When the missing girls turn up dead, and a third girl vanishes from Netherleigh Park College, Gemma, wearing a micro camcorder, goes undercover as a sex worker right into the lair of the extremely dangerous prime suspect in order to collect vital and intimate evidence. Can Gemma and Angie save the life of the third missing girl? Gemma discover that she too, has been ‘spiked’ in a surprising way.

First Published: 2004

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