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Tom Clancy

Fifteen years ago Tom Clancy was an insurance broker with a love for naval history. In 1984, his first novel, The Hunt for Red October, was published and he was catapulted onto the bestseller list, he received praise from Former U S President Reagan, saying his book was “non-put-downable.” and it was later famously made into a film starring Sean Connery.

Since then Clancy has established himself as a master at building heightened realist scenarios by ‘turning up the volume’ on current events. The success of Clancy’s books has resulted in his ‘adoption’ by the military. He is regularly welcomed aboard jets, submarines, and destroyers. Admirals and generals give him access, Pentagon officials debrief him, and many of his books are required reading at military colleges.

He lives in Maryland, USA.

Lived: 1947 -

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