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Milt Bearden

Milton Bearden is a retired CIA officer and author. He was born in Oklahoma and grew up in Washington, where his father worked on the Manhattan Project.

After serving in the US Air Force, he joined the CIA in 1964.

During his 30-year career with the CIA, he was a station chief in Pakistan, Moscow, and Khartoum. In Pakistan from 1986 to 1989, he played a role in training the mujahedeen in Afghanistan, and was later the director of the Soviet/East European Division during the collapse of the Soviet Union.

He received the Donovan Award and the Distinguished Intelligence Medal for his service.

Since retiring, Bearden has written books based on his experiences, commented on current events, and appeared on television, including Secret Warriors (Discovery Channel) and Covert Action (BBC).

Although generally supportive of the CIA and its mission, he has also been outspoken in criticism of US actions in the war on terrorism.

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