Isaac Bell

Isaac Bell, a no-nonsense private investigator with the Van Dorn Detective Agency, in early 20th century America. Isaac Bell is the main character in seven Clive Cussler branded books, The Chase (2007), The Wrecker (2009), The Spy (2010), The Race (2011), The Thief (2012), The Striker (2013), The Bootlegger (2014), and The Assassin (2015). The lean, blond haired man is an ace detective with the Van Dorn Detective agency.

Isaac Bell is the son of Ebenezer Bell and grandson of Isaiah Bell, two fictional prominent Boston bankers. He gets married to Marion Morgan in The Thief.

Bell usually operated in the early twentieth century. For example, most of the novel, The Wrecker is set in the fall of 1907.

Chronologically, The Striker (Book 6) takes place before the other books in the series.