Book Cover of Fifth Victim

Fifth Victim

Book Number 9 in the Charlie Fox Series.

The only thing more terrifying than fighting for your life is fighting for someone else’s…Bodyguard and ex-Special Forces soldier Charlie Fox would do anything to take her mind off her partner; shot, left for dead and now lying in a coma. So concentrating on a new assignment seems like the perfect way to escape the pain, and her own empty apartment. The job: to protect the naive daughter of an investment banker from a gang of kidnappers who prey on the children of the wealthy Long Island set. Kidnap is a lucrative crime for those with the nerve to pull it off. Usually those who disappear are returned unharmed – except this syndicate likes to take a piece of the victim as part of the pay-off. Still, it all looks simple at first.

A round of exclusive boutiques, charity auctions, luxurious parties aboard million-dollar yachts – and few risks for an experienced operative. But Charlie soon finds out that defending a girl determined to put herself in danger is far from easy. And when her instincts lead her to suspect an inside job, she discovers that not everyone who mingles with the jet-set is what they seem – and the idle rich can be as ruthless as any criminal …Fast-paced and authentic, Fifth Victim is an electrifying tale of cross and double-cross.

First Published: 2011

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